Triple Sea Marine Service can offer a full and comprehensive range of marine services.

The typical Triple Sea Marine Service are described below:

We produce mooring analysis for all kinds of installations (semi submersibles, permanent installations, FSOPís and flotelís) at all types of locations and water depths.

Triple Sea Marine Service has developed and keeps developing our own mooring software which is named 3SeaMoor. 3SeaMoor is a commercial software with a large range of possibilities. In addition Triple Sea Marine Service also uses the DNV mooring software Mimosa and Orcaflex, if this is more convenient.

Triple Sea Marine Service conducts DP capability analysis.

We produce vessel files containing RAOís, wave drift coefficients, wind and current coefficients and linear and quadratic damping coefficients for all kinds of installations.

Triple Sea Marine Service has a research divison which currently is developing software for analysing drag embedded anchor behaviour in a wide range of different soil types.

We produce all types of rigmove plans; for conventional rigmoves, pre laying operations, rig connection operations and scopes for equipment change outs on permanent moored installations.

Triple Sea Marine Service conducts AHV briefs and follow up vessel mobilisations in port.

Triple Sea Marine Service provides company representatives. We have personnel with a wide range of experience to cover all types of operations. When acting as company representatives we cover the following aspects:

  • Help producing and collecting all necessary data (soil, maps, weather etc.).

  • Initiate and follow up the work with the mooring analysis. We also do verifications using our own mooring software.

  • Help producing the application for consent to the PAT.

  • Initiate the work with the rigmove plan.

  • Verify the rigmove plan.

  • Support the vessel tender process and carry out vessel inspections.

  • Support the mooring equipment tender process.

  • Arrange the mooring meeting.

  • Arrange the vessel brief and mobilisation.

  • Act as company representatives onboard either rig or vessel.

  • Support and organise the vessel demobilisation after the operation.

  • Produces a final rigmove report.

  • Triple Sea Marine Service has a wide range of clients which we assist with mooring issues.



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